Review: Lady Geraldine’s Album, ‘Little Miss Blue’

‘Little Miss Blue’ is something unique in itself as a musical entity but the output can only can be considered in the context of the story of Lady Geraldine herself and belies the magnificence of the album and her innate creativity.

When you take into account that Geraldine was profoundly deaf until her twenties at which point she had a life-changing operation and only then did she hear and experience music for the first time, you immediately have a serious appreciation for what she has created.

Each track is something glorious and characterful that lends itself beautifully, moment by moment.  You really have to take the time to appreciate her commitment to what she has created.  With a nod to the rock genre, you can see what she is aiming for and her enthusiasm in producing something that feels like a labour of love.

Coming to music later on in life, has made her joyful approach to her album infectious and should be required listening actually.  She has an admirable and eccentric take on what it is to make an album which then turned out a non-generic product that brings the power to her album and is beyond entertaining.  She has plenty of character, especially given what she has been through. All of that comes through amply, song by song.  This is well worth an intent listen and should you have the chance to see her perform, most certainly take it.






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