Up Rise Records Launch Promises a Host of Riches from Brazil and Beyond

With a motto reading, "There is an uprise coming...we break the chains of everything you know" this new London-based record label looks to bring a sound which will be unfamiliar to many in the UK and Europe but promises to blend perfectly into existing grime and hip-hop scenes. Employing Brazilian funk (if you're thinking Zapp and... Continue Reading →

Erike Sparks Swaps London’s Rap Scene for Remotest Scotland

Erike Sparks is an artist who has a truly focussed vision of how he wants to communicate with his audiences. Having grown up in London, his message to working class people of all races and ages is to be true to themselves and the genuine friends around them. This message of believing in yourself and... Continue Reading →

Kukahi – Throne Down New Tracks!

Forget Prince or Queen, Kūkahi is a musician who can truly claim to have regal connections. With direct lineage to the first queen last monarch of Hawaii, HRH Queen Liliuokalani, this is no ordinary musical project – indeed, it would be no exaggeration to class them as Hawaii’s First Family of Music…given that his band... Continue Reading →

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