Kukahi – Throne Down New Tracks!

Forget Prince or Queen, Kūkahi is a musician who can truly claim to have regal connections. With direct lineage to the first queen last monarch of Hawaii, HRH Queen Liliuokalani, this is no ordinary musical project – indeed, it would be no exaggeration to class them as Hawaii’s First Family of Music…given that his band consists of not just himself but his mother, three sisters and a brother! With a musical range touching upon 80’s-style pop and rap, it’s an album which sounds every bit as exotic and uplifting as its birthplace.

Kūkahi is an 18-year old multi-instrumentalist and also the name of the family band he fronts – alongside him are his mum, Maka (vocals, ukulele); Monica (bass); Keli’i (keyboards); Alana (drums) and Mālie (guitar and percussion). Hailing from the largest town on Hawaii’s Big Island, they have moved away from the traditional Jawaiian music of their homeland and instead embrace sounds from the wider pop world – even though this necessitated Kūkahi teaching every member of his band how to play their instruments! His dedication has already paid off, winning his first Na Hoku (Hawaiiʻs Version of the Grammys) for Best Alternative Album when he was only 17, the youngest ever recipient.

After two rather more experimental albums, “Jam” is Kūkahi’s most cohesive work yet, delving into Michael Jackson-esque pop and featuring a labyrinth of synth work and Kūkahi’s immediately recognisable vocal style. With live dates planned, alongside a typically ambitious vlog featuring the whole family (think The Osbournes!), Kūkahi are ready to become one of the most familiar families in the world!


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/ 2st1LYXHG4lk8eej6AdDvW? si=gdxoVIXQTKChLGVelEfUQg

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/ UCIsN6i2v6uiu0cLGwCTkUig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialkukahi/

Website: http://www.brandspankingku.com/index.html


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