The Naveblues bring back the blues with a bit of a indie goodness

Falling into my inbox this week, was Norwegian band The Naveblues. Mindlessly, I clicked the link given and was immediately in awe of what I was hearing.

Their lead track ‘Possess You’ starts with a very subtle guitar solo before allowing the drums and harmonica to join in, creating a feeling of closeness. The harmonica, which is played by lead singer, Nave, gives a feeling of something you might expect to hear in a western movie. The vocals do not start until around two minutes in, which is rather odd, but is where the song really begins to change shape.

The track has very strong indie supplements coming through with the sense of complete artist control. Heavily drum and guitar led it becomes a strange mash up of the modern scene and the old, but for some reason they work perfectly together, contrasting what you expect and what you’re given. The video for the track matches perfectly, focusing in on the dark atmospheric colours and smoke it gives a really effortless feel, once again drawing in on those indie vibes.


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