Review: Adonis’ ‘My Diffferent Lover’ is the R&B Rejuvination We Needed

This 90’s Pop-R&B style power track is the new entry from Adonis, who’s coming back stronger than ever!

This is the brand new single that comes from Californian based singer and songwriter ‘Adonis’. The R&B musician is enlightening us with all the delights that come together to make new single ‘My Different Lover’.

This track has different elements, drawing from 80’s R&B, to early 90’s Pop, back to 70’s funk and soul. Adonis has a new aim,  “I plan on being that guy, the guy who takes us to the new millennium of musical consciousnessAdonis exclaims.

Drawing from a great power coming from the universe, this makes this instalment a spiritual and sweet listen, however still has a impact that any great pop tune would.

All the positivity can be heard, whether it be through the vibrancy of the instrumentation, the intricacy of the production or the personality that is the voice of Adonis.

You can listen to ‘My Different Lover’ here:







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