‘In Bloom’ by Julia Mascetti

Julia Mascetti is a singer/songwriter from the UK who moved to Japan to continue her music career. With release of her new EP ‘In distance, everything is poetry’ set to be released on the 10th November we were lucky enough to get a listen to the lead track ‘In Bloom’ early.

Music played with only a harp is bound to be emotional and thought provoking but the song is within a realm of its own as it delicately twirls and links from each verse. On the first listen, I got very strong Alice in Wonderland feels and could almost imagine Alice walking through wonderland having no idea which way to go, travelling throughout a whole series of dreams and illusions. Previously described as sounding like “dark fairy tales” it brings out a sense of innocence and naivety through her soft, inspiring voice.

Each word sung is pronounced properly giving them a larger impact and the same chords are repeated throughout, making the song almost become homely. The video for this is being released later this month and we can’t wait to see how they’ve turned this into a visual.

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Youtube: juliamascetti

Facebook: juliamascetti

Twitter: JuliaMascetti

Instagram: juliamascetti

Website: https://tokyoharp.blog 


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