Hypnotic single ‘Don’t Go Away’ released by Mavis Victory Project

Imagine an abstract painting, lets go with something obvious like Picasso. Now imagine that as a song. If you’re picturing something that makes absolutely no sense but you still find yourself enjoying it, you’re on the right track.

Mavis Victory Project are a five piece band (made up of four brothers and a friend) who quite frankly are ripping apart your conventional ideas of electronic and indie music. In theory, they’re two completely separate genres with a whole host of differences however, you can clearly see the influences from both coming through. At the beginning of new single ‘Don’t Go Away’, Michael (lead singer) begins singing with a very subtle beat behind him before the electronic rhythm kicks in and takes over. His voice itself is quite rustic and droany which is more something that you’d see front an indie band.

There’s a very repetitive loop that runs through the background of this track which begins the hypnotic state this song transfers us to. Furthered by the haunting “don’t go away” lyrics which appear several times throughout the song, the absolute best part of the track is the video that goes along with it. Somehow, they’ve managed to create something that makes you feel like you’re watching the song rather than listening to it. It’s a mismatch of red, black and fire and is everything you’d expect from an unconventional band.

Check it out here:

Image result for mavis victory project dont go away

Social Media:

Instagram: mavis_victory_project

Facebook: mavis.official

Youtube: MavisOfficial

Soundcloud: mavis-victory-project




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