Review: Neethusha’s Love Anthem ‘Why Did I Lose You’


Neethusha Cherckal, an upcoming name in the world Pop scene, has released touching and powerful ‘Why Did I Lose You’.

This is a dynamic and relatable tune, that features different elements that come together to make it a well-rounded piece. Opening with soft yet intricate acoustic guitar riffs, sweet notes are played which then make way for the vocals to smoothly fit in, determining what kind of emotion’s this tune will evoke.

The song has elements of a ballad, but also has the classic feel of a Pop song, with the groovy percussion and electric guitar parts in the background, providing soft melodic licks and riffs, giving it that extra boost of character and vibrancy.

Neethusha is now in full swing of shaping and moulding her solo career, as she has previously fronted a Indian Pop-Rock band called ‘StereoGrind’. 

Neethusha’s sweet, almost dreamy vocals top of this moving piece, making it a song for everyone and anyone who has felt this way before, and who’s begged the question, Why Did I Lose You?

The Music Video for ‘Why Did I Lose You’ is on YouTube:








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