Review: Lady Geraldine’s ‘Defying Gravity’, A Classic Rock Track From The Singer/Songwriter

What do you get when you mix Stevie Nicks with Alice Cooper?, a superb musical mix that is Lady Geraldine.

Bristol born, Lady Geraldine, who now resides in the culturally rich capital of Scotland ‘Edinburgh’, is set to release her new album ‘Little Miss Blue’, and to accompany it, is ‘Defying Gravity’, a classically composed rock tune.

The new release for Lady Geraldine is another song to add to the list of compositions she has greeted us with, which is a hard hitting anthem, with a catchy chorus and vibrant style that is unique, compiling from all of her past cultural influences from North Africa to South America.

The song starts with a Guitar riff that rips through and makes the ear automatically lock in, which then flows from verse to chorus, satisfying the listener with a enthusiastic and colourful number. With multiple vocal tracks being a strong feature within the chorus, this anthem is an sing along, straight away classic.

Lady Geraldine’s music is available on Soundcloud and Personal Music Website.




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