Belle Chen Rips Classical Music Out of Tradition and Back into Present Day


The hugely acclaimed Belle Chen returns with her new album, Mademoiselle, and a new direction after finding inspiration through adversity during a short stay in Paris.

Listen to Mademoiselle here:

Belle’s new release, ‘Mademoiselle’, released on October 11th, is something of a departure from her previous recordings which have seen her travel the world and reflect her surroundings in overlapping textures of sound. Both Belle and her co-producer, Iain Chambers, used an approach which was informed as much by the techniques of cutting-edge electronica, sound art, improvisation and more recognisably classical techniques. Belle’s journeys around the world are pivotal in creating her expansive soundscapes, this album also being a sonic travelogue of her experience in Paris and pulls classical music out of the dark and into the modern day.



Twitter: @bellepianist

Instagram: @bellepianist





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