Introducing Ciircus Street and their debut single ‘Mouth Like That’


Indie-pop duo Ciircus Street are set to release their debut single ‘Mouth Like That’ on July 14th, shortly followed by their highly anticipated music video which is set to hit our screens on July 28th.

The song is inspired by the idea of a compulsive liar and karma which echoes the passive aggressive nature of the track. Having an acoustic guitar lead a song with so much anger is something that we don’t see very often, you might expect heavy drums and rock n roll to echo the emotions in the lyrics but in this case a few strings does the job.

Having been lucky enough to hear the song early, the reason this works so well is because of the two very different vocals the singers have, with one having a much rustier voice than the other. This allows a listener to be tricked into believing the song doesn’t have an underlying darker meaning even though on a second or even third listening you will realise it does.

They have strong influences from the likes of James Bay and The Kooks which you can definitely hear trailing into their music but the best way to describe them is as a more progressive Ed Sheeran (meaning there’s two very different vocalists coming together on a simple acoustic beat) giving a real strong sense of light, dark and things working together in your favour.

If you want a taste of what they have to offer, here’s an acoustic version of what’s to be released:

You can also catch them on tour on the following dates:

July 9th – The Finsbury (London)

July 11th – Sofar Sounds (London)

July 12th – Sofar Sounds (London)

July 13th – Boho (London)

July 14th – Readipop Festival (London)

July 18th – Ronnie Scotts (London)

July 20th – Apples & Pears (London)

July 31st – The Bedford (London)

Keep an eye out on their social media by clicking on the links:

Facebook: ciircusstreet 

Twitter: Ciircus_Street

Instagram: ciircus_street 



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