Rosie O’Sullivan is back!


You know you’ve heard the name somewhere, but you’re not quite sure- that’s OK, we’ll help you out. Back in 2013, Rosie O’Sullivan made it all the way to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent with her stunning vocals and now she has returned with a new look, and new music.

Rosie has lost almost 17 stone since then, and her new life has provided her with a new direction which has unsurprisingly leaked into her songwriting talents. Having lent her vocal talents to a number of genres over the years, Rosie’s latest collection of tracks moves in a soul-oriented direction, influenced by the music of her parents that she would listen to as a child. The rousing sounds of motown and this era of music have become inherent to Rosie and her new style is perfectly fitting with her outstanding voice.

But Rosie isn’t just about the voice; her songwriting is deep, thoughtful and considered, still touching on the typical themes of love and loss, but in a much more profound and emotive manner.

For example, after taking a break out from music to visit her brother in America, Rosie found herself drawn back to her passion just from taking the time out to clear her head and find some space. This process proved invaluable for her, providing the inspirational material of her personal relationships that would form the basis of her new songs.

At a young age, Rosie was proficient at playing both piano and saxophone, then she continued to hone her vocal skills performing with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain at the BBC proms in 2011 and 2012, before obtaining a degree in Music Performance at the London College of Music.

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