‘Kimota Codeine’ by Lasso Moon

Liverpudlian group Lasso Moon are forcing their way into alternative-rock circles with their inspired brand of music that channels the talents of Pixies, Nick Cave and Sonic Youth.

The band were formed after merging two existing Liverpool based groups, Broken Men and Sankofa. Their latest single, ‘Kimota Codeine’, is an ode to the drug, addressing how it can transform the people taking it and how it numbs the stress of the everyday.

Equally potent and pressing issues are addressed in the video for ‘Kimota Codeine’ which is inspired by the works of famed director, Jim Jarmusch. With a simplistic black and white video showing front-man Bobby Westhead searching in vain for some kind of distraction, the visuals touch on the idea of the modern generation always being obsessed by the distraction of their phones and the internet.

Pioneering a minimalist rock sound, Lasso Moon pick bits of hard-rock, punk and grunge to form a classic 90s sound that is made relevant for contemporary audiences. Westhead’s voice drives ‘Kimota Codeine’ and fans of Pearl Jam will instantly recognise tonal similarities between Lasso Moon’s vocalist and Eddie Vedder.

The band were lucky enough to engineer the track at The Motor Museum in Liverpool where greats such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Jake Bugg have recorded their music in the past.

Check out more on Lasso Moon here:







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