Homesick Mick’s Festive Offering ‘Prisoner To The Past’

There’s a certain amount of mystery surrounding the masked figure of singer-songwriter, Homesick Mick, but there’s nothing mysterious about his brand of folk-rock that demonstrates some intelligent songwriting.

Having been involved in a social media march against Sir Philip Green in the past few months to raise awareness of his corrupt actions, Homesick Mick is now focusing on releasing his music. ‘Prisoner To The Past’ is taken from the EP Black Hole Friday, which was released in conjunction with the black friday sales before Christmas in order to combat Philip Green and his Arcadia store group.

The campaign was a great success and has led to Mick receiving press exposure which will help him with his upcoming release of the full length album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, which comes out in January.

Whilst ‘Prisoner To The Past’ is not your conventional Christmas song, singing about snow and Father Christmas, there is a much deeper message underlying the track that is equally pertinent at this time of year. Such an approach to songwriting can be compared to the great John Lennon, who coincidentally appears in Homesick Mick’s video along with fellow Beatle Paul McCartney (n.b. lookalike versions, not the real thing!)

Find out more on Homesick Mick here:



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