Acclaimed conductor Kristjan Järvi releases ‘DUET’

_dsc6519Kristjan Järvi describes his latest album ‘Duet’ as ‘This album is a result of a three year project that started with Steve’s residency as “composer in residence”, The first ever with an orchestra, here in Leipzig with the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2013/14 season. At that time, we premiered the orchestra-chorus versions of “Daniel” and “YouAre Variations”, of which these are the world premiere recordings, as well as performing the largest of his orchestral works “Desert Music”, “4 Sections”, and “Three Movements” with concerts in Leipzig, Dresden and Paris. The Paris concert can be seen online on MediciTV “live” from Salle Pleyel. ‘

The album is made up of two pairs of hands clapping, two violins playing, two ensembles in two pieces of variations; two piano’s; two keyboards surrounded by four sections of strings, percussion, woodwinds and brass, all to celebrate the classical legend Steve Reich’s 80th birthday.

Kristjan has also described the album as ‘A way into Steve’s soul which is then followed by the rest of him’.

A concert will be taking place November 6th with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican in which Steve Reich and Kristjan Järvi will be performing ‘Clapping’, as well as signing CDs afterwards.

‘Duet’ is out September 23rd

‘Clapping’ is performed below:



‘Clapping’ is very interesting, obviously I know you can make noise with your hands but to create a song with rhythm is brilliant.


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