Liam Browne and The Love release ‘Baby Grow’

BABYGROW final lrg.jpgDescribing himself as a ‘Real Mancunian with attitude and heart’, Liam Browne and The Love’s have a bit of a cult following in Manchester, but now are ready to break into the rest of the UK. Their music is known to cross into many genres, check out their latest single below:

Stream ‘Baby Grow’ Here:


‘Baby Grow’ was written whilst he was travelling in the America’s, he had broken up with his girlfriend but they missed each other so much so that they wanted to get back together, it felt like they were a couple again falling deeply in love and ‘Baby Grow’ is a song comparing that love the second time around to how flowers blossom year after year and the meaning that after something dies, the beauty of it can still return.

‘Baby Grow’ is an upbeat track, with a melody that makes you want to tap your feet along to, what really makes it different is that you can hear his accent in his singing voice, it adds a unique feel to it and you really can see why they have a following in their hometown of Manchester. Because the track is so upbeat, I’d love to see them perform live, Liam works as an entertainer at the weekends, so you can only imagine the live show to be full of energy.

‘Baby Grow’ is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Forget and Remember’ and I am way too excited to hear what they have to offer on the album, and let’s hope some live shows follow soon.


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